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Welcome to New Road Schools

The New Road Schools of New Jersey have been providing students with a well rounded education since opening our first school in 1986. Our one-to-one, tutorial-based classroom model promotes a unique relationship between the student and the teacher, one built on trust, with the appropriate balance between empathy and accountability. This highly individualized instructional model and a values-driven rewards system combine to create an environment in which even the smallest academic successes become the most powerful reinforcement for building student confidence and competence. 

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Featured Program - New Road Shop Rite Program

The ShopRite at the Somerset and Parlin programs is designed to orient students to various careers in the supermarket industry. ShopRite at the Somerset and Parlin programs provide our students essential authentic learning opportunities that will enable each to become acquainted with the tools, language and standards of the industry. Students will also gain critical 21st Century career and life skills that are aligned with the New Jersey Core Standards. This will ensure that they can: think critically; obtain, analyze and apply information; solve problems (individually and collaboratively); communicate effectively (written and verbal); and work effectively and cooperatively with all others. In addition, students will develop individual skills and dispositions that will prepare them to effectively manage personal, emotional and physical situations in the service of others.

Recent News & Events

Students at The New Road School in Parlin honor the children of the Holocaust

Spotlight on the Structured Learning Experience

Here is the scoop on the New Road School of Somerset's Structured Learning Experience Program for students ages 18-21

Expo Exceeds Expectations

On May 11, 2011, New Road School celebrated Special Education Week by hosting its first “New Road Expo" a carnival highlighting all that our students can accomplish!