Common questions about New Road Schools:

  • How are students placed at the New Road Schools?

    Most commonly, school districts contact New Road Schools with a potential referral when they are seeking an alternative placement for one of their students. Click here to learn more about the New Road Schools admission process.

  • What does it cost a parent to send their child to one of your schools?

    Tuition for any New Road School is funded through the child’s local school district. Parents are not responsible for the costs of special education when a child is placed by the local school district.

  • What are the qualifications of your teachers?

    All New Road Schools classroom teachers are certified to work with special education students by New Jersey Administrative Code. Click here to learn more about New Road School’s teachers and leadership.

  • Can students earn credits and a diploma from your schools?

    The New Road Schools are accredited and state approved, and students follow the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards. They advance toward earning a diploma from their local school district just as all students do.

  • How many students are there per classroom?

    The number of students in a classroom varies from school to school and sometimes from course to course, but small class size is a hallmark of the New Road School. Typically, there are fewer than 12 students per classroom.

  • Do all students have access to a computer?

    Yes. Each classroom is equipped with at least four computers and sometimes one for each student. The students also have access to iPads and Chromebooks. Click here to learn more our use of technology in the classroom.

  • Can students participate in sports and activities?

    All New Road Schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities. Students may also be able to participate in team sports at their local school district.

  • Do the New Road Schools have a dress code or uniform policy?

    The New Road Schools do not require that uniforms be worn, but each school has established guidelines for acceptable student dress.

  • How do you prepare students for careers and independence?

    We’re especially proud of our practical and sequential approach to transition and career training at New Road Schools. We begin preparation for careers and independent living early, gradually developing important skills students will need when formal transition and career training begin. Once students reach formal transition age, our schools offer a rich and diverse range of options that maximize every student’s potential. Click here to learn more about New Road Schools career education and transition services.