New Road School of Somerset’s Career Program includes the availability of On-Campus Internships custom-designed to complement a range of potential student interests. We regularly adapt and refine our menu of on-site internships to keep pace with the real-world marketplace.

On-Campus Internships

NRS Somerset student working as intern at private special education school in Somerset NJOur School’s Main Street Micro-community houses operational retail outlets and service-oriented businesses, all run and staffed by students and patronized by fellow students, faculty, and occasional customers from the outside community. With the help of teachers acting as coaches and supervisors, students work during school hours as part of their career training curriculum, learning how to open, operate, and manage a store or business; how to provide customer service and satisfaction; and how to accept responsibility and accountability in the workplace. Students participating in On-Campus Internships apply the knowledge and skills they’ve learned in the classroom every day and prepare for Off-Campus Internships once they have mastered the basic skills and concepts of their chosen area.

Off-Campus Internships

Off campus internships are Structured Learning Experiences (SLEs) arranged and monitored by New Road Schools teaching staff. Once a student has successfully progressed through his or her On-Campus Internship, the student moves on to Off-Campus Internships, which provide opportunities to gain firsthand experience in the student’s field of interest. The SLE Off-Campus Internship also facilitates the effective development of contacts for future job pursuits.

New Road School Somerset’s SLE Off-Campus Internships focus on education in addition to employment training, and they are similar in nature to apprenticeships. Students participating in Off-Campus Internships work off-site one to three times per week and are assigned a Job Coach to accompany them who offers guidance, reinforcement, and encouragement.

New Road School of Somerset is pleased to partner with a significant number of local businesses that support our goals and help provide students with employment training and experience.