New Road Schools invests regularly in state-of-the-art technology for every classroom and every child.

Students in group tech instruction - New Road School - private special education schools in NJWe believe familiarity with computers and technology is essential for our students’ futures — in the workplace, for independent living, and in their social lives.

Most classrooms are equipped with desk top computers, Chromebooks and iPads for students.

In addition to teaching students the safe use of devices and software, we employ several proprietary educational software programs to reinforce and review academic skills taught in the classroom. Their content-rich, multi-modal format offers students the opportunity to work independently to develop math, reading, and language skills at their own pace.

Student using technology in science lab - New Road School - Lakewood NJ - private special education schoolThe programs allow teachers to focus on skills that are currently being taught and provide opportunities for review and additional practice as needed. They help the teacher track the individual student’s instructional progress and provide progress reports that detail time on task, grade-level functioning, number of exercises attempted, number and percent of correct responses, and cumulative grade-level improvements. They also serve our ongoing assessment process.